• Gustavo Driau

Women Health Program, in the Peruvian Andes

The "Women Integral Health" project for in Cusco, Peru, promotes the health and empowerment of participants through the transformation of good practices, for a healthy environment, a healthy diet, a healthy coexistence and the joint responsibility of men and women for the family health.

The project has two certified coordinated nurses, Cynthia Kancha Mesa and Malu Echegaray. They prepare educational material and facilitate gatherings and workshops as well.

Voluntary community leadership is also involved.

For the development of some sessions, we have the support of volunteers.

In early 2019, alliances were formed with the PRONOEI program, of the Peruvian government, to share information and some activities, and with the Cup of Milk Program.

Mrs. Griselda, a member of the congregation and secretariat of the Copa de Leche program, oversees the coordination with mothers and the delivery of the products of the milk cup. She is the liaison person for the Community Milk Cup program.

Griselda Huamán is 40 years old from the province of Anta. Much of his childhood lived on his land, and at 11 he moved to the city of Cusco to obtain more opportunities, where they can have their high school studies and, in turn, to cover their expenses in a candy factory, where he met to her husband who became pregnant. At 16, that's why I stopped studying and working. He has three daughters and one son as a student son.

In 2003 her family moved to the APV. Sol de América and the congregation learning attended and participated in services and meetings with the pastor and members.

She is part of the first confirmed groups of the Talitha Kum church in Cusco, actively participated in all the activities of the church, but due to the absence of a pastor, most of the participants stopped attending frequently.

With the update of the project for the Integral Health of Women in Cusco, Mrs. Griselda and other members participate to participate more frequently in the activities of the project and the congregation.

Mrs. Griselda is characterized by her kindness, generosity, and great sympathy with her family and community. Her desire to get ahead made her start an Internet business where she works in the morning and sells food in the afternoon.

She is currently a member of the Vaso de Leche program and is the area secretary.

The project coordinators say: Her experience with the project is comforting because she says that with each session, we clarify her doubts. For example, when she gave her testimony in the workshop, she was concerned about her health, believing that she had diabetes. Still, at the time of ruling out the rapid glucose test, Griselda reassured that his glucose result was within normal parameters.

Griselda is a strong community leader, a struggling and visionary woman, and we know that she achieves what she sets out to do, due to her qualities and her willingness to move forward.

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