• Gustavo Driau

See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not work or spin

Amid pebbles and fog, yellow and solitary, the Amancaes lilies return every year. When Lima turns grayer than ever, and winter increases, humidity is when the amancaes bloom. They bloom where no other flower does. Every winter, where there was dryness, desert, and stone, life takes place. Lima lilies live for a few weeks; they give their best in a short time. Each flower lives between two and four days, and after June, they have already died.

The amancaes is a kind of lily, a lily of the field that does not spin or spin, and it is the typical flower of the city of Lima. Once a year, Lima's normally arid and arid hills become in green and vital spaces by the fog that the winter sea winds bring.

Near Lurín are the Lucuma Hills, a place where the Amancaes flourish. October 10 will be two months after the departure of Pastor Adita Torres, president of the ILP, pastor of the Philadelphia congregation in Lurin.

One of Adita's testimonies was to live in a just way, according to the Kingdom's logic, in trust, simplicity, and the search for God. And God will take care of the rest.

I remember the teachings of Pastor Adita: every day, in a mysterious way, we find the strength to occupy ourselves with serving and living. God takes care of us, that we take care of justice in the world.

The grace that God has given us today, we have to live it today. God gives us his grace day by day. In the face of more difficult situations, God will increase his grace.

God is working in the world; let us be part of God's work upholding justice and dignity. God will take care of the rest.

We need to be confident and live without fear or anxiety, live life with confidence in what is to come.

This is how the Amancaes, the Lima lilies, live.

This is how Pastor Adita Torres lived and passed away

These flowers are in her memory.

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