• Gustavo Driau

Rev. Wilma Rommel, elected presiding pastor in IELU Argentina-Uruguay

The United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina and Uruguay held an ordinary general assembly on April 24, 2021.

The assembly was held virtually through the Zoom platform. Fifty-three delegates with the right to vote participated in the assembly, which took place on time with an extensive schedule.

Three relevant points in the general assembly were: were:

Gustavo Gomez reported on the development of the life and mission of the church in the last year. In this period, the church learned to be present through the virtuality of digital communications. In 2020 it was necessary to learn how to meet virtually and resolve the extension of the mandate of the board of directors for one year. In this period, the murder of Pastor Fabian Kreischer has been the most painful and acute moment that the IELU has faced.

The reading and consideration of the financial balance sheet, and review of the budget of expenses and resources for 2021, the assembly approved a balance sheet without the deficit. It celebrated the agreement to pay the Argentinean state debt for social taxes in monthly payments over the next ten years.

The election of authorities for the period 2021-2044 to integrate the IELU Board of Directors. The assembly unanimously elected the following Board of Directors:

President: Wilma Rommel (2021-2024).

Vice President: Mariela Pereyra (2021-2022).

Secretary: Martín Coiro (2021-2024).

Treasurer: Jorge Barrault (until 2022).

Titular Lay Members:

1. Andrea Peterson.

2. Lorena Leishman (2021-2022).

Regular Clergy Member: Daniela Cainzos (2021-2022).

Alternate Lay Members:

1. Marta Post.

2. Raquel Sanguinet (2021-2022).

Alternate Clergy Member: Ivan Vivas (2021-2022).


Titular: Renate Thomas (2021-2022).

Alternate: Graciela Barca (2021-2022)

The Presiding Pastor Rev. Wilma Rommel is Senior Pastor of St. Luke's congregation chaplain of the Argentine Evangelical Institute and director of the School Pastoral of the IELU, and has been vice president of IELU in the period 2014-2018,

In 2018, she was a speaker on behalf of the Argentine Federation of Evangelical Churches (FAIE) on the debate on the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, finally approved in 2020.

Her message to the Chamber of Deputies is in this link: (in Spanish) https://youtu.be/bpDWIcoraAw

Pastor Wilma Rommel studied at the Superior Evangelical Institute of Theological Studies (ISEDET) is an ecumenical center of higher education located in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

Pastor Wilma Rommel led the participatory strategic planning process that the IELU developed in the years 2015-2016.

In the introduction of the IELU's participatory strategic plan, the planning team wrote: we have been able to stop, recognize ourselves, re-project the future of our church in the renewed confidence that we are in the hands of a God of love and faithfulness, joining efforts as a church and recognizing that participatory strategic planning is a useful and necessary tool in the construction of a new future (IELU, Strategic Plan 2015-2020).

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