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  • Gustavo Driau

Montana Synod launches a campaign to support companion church in Bolivia

The effects of the pandemic hit Bolivia hard. The country is in total quarantine as a preventive measure against the spread and spread of the corona-virus

Bolivians suffer from confinement, and the closing of borders, the reduction of the working day, the prohibitions of movement. Military and police patrol the streets to comply with these provisions.

Isolation affects economically many families who live in informal praise, street vendors, and in the markets, bus drivers, and taxi drivers who have a daily economy for daily sustenance. At the same time, the pandemic has become an insurmountable obstacle for the Bolivians' new attempt to elect their next president, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 3. Unfortunately, holding presidential elections is something that seems further and further away with the country quarantined by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government ordered four measures of economic aid for the most vulnerable sectors: a "family bond" of approximately $ 70 per child, the delay of the payment of credits, the freezing of the amount of the profit tax and the prohibition of the court of basic services

Lack of daily income prevents families from buying their food daily. The IELB needs to help some church families with food, and the communities around the churches are also included.

The Montana Synod is driven by a fundraising campaign to help its fellow church IELB.

The initiative seeks to distribute food for a minimum of 200 to 400 people, distributing 50 (up to 100) food baskets and hygiene kits. The distribution will be a burden for the IELB congregations.

Each basic food basket costs BOB155, equivalent to $ 22. Each medicine and hygiene basket costs BOB80, equivalent to USD11

The objective of the campaign is to mitigate the lack of basic food and basic hygiene and health elements in an extremely deprived population in the provinces of Bolivia; the Lutheran church is present in the rural area outside of La Paz.

In this context, Alex Tooley, a young leader of the Synod of Montana, has produced the video to publicize various aspects of the IELB. Alex visited the IELB in 2018 and felt called to make his contribution with his gifts to support the sister church in this context of the pandemic.

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