• Gustavo Driau

Members of the Lutheran Church of Peru are actively participating in the claims of civil society

Members of the Lutheran Church of Peru are actively participating in the claims of Peruvian civil society for the damages caused by the oil spill originated by the Spanish company Repsol in mid-January 2022. Thousands of citizens have come out to complain about the damage to the beaches, the marine fauna, the natural reserves, and the livelihood of thousands of artisanal fishers.

Citizens gathered in streets and outside the company demanding Repsol to clean the damaged beaches, for which they have spread on social networks the hashtag #HazteCargoRepsol.

Given the lack of action by the government and Repsol, the cleanup of the contaminated beaches and the rescue of birds and other animals affected by the oil spill are being carried out mainly by environmental groups, young volunteers, university students, artisanal fishers, and residents. Despite their goodwill, the efforts are insufficient to stop and remedy the profound damage caused by the oil spill, which is considered the largest environmental catastrophe ever to have occurred in Peru.

Fisherfolks wait every day at the doors of Repsol's offices for food to be delivered to them since they can't make their lives going to sea. However, more than twelve weeks after the spill, they still had no help; almost 2,000 artisanal fishers were affected.

There is much despair and anger among the fisherfolks and their families, who have almost lost everything.

The devastation caused by the spill has affected the beaches and islets that are natural bird reserves. The Peruvian coast is arid, but the sea is highly productive and the habitat of many species that have now been killed. The spill has irreparably affected the plankton and the entire marine food chain

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