• Gustavo Driau

La Paz, Bolivia; the church responding hunger

Updated: May 8, 2020

In mid-March, Bolivia government initiated a total quarantine as a prevention measure against corona-virus expansion. Then economy is paralyzed, affecting many families who live on informal business, as street vendors or streets markets, driving buses and taxis, that daily generate economics for daily livelihoods, etc.

The lack of everyday income inhibits families from buying their daily food, this is the representative description of IELB members.

In this context, IELB finding the ways to help some vulnerable families with food, including church members but also neighbors around the churches.

IELB aims to distribute food for a minimum of 200 to 400 people, distributing 50 (up to 100) bags of food. The distribution will be carried out by the IELB congregations.

More affected districts are IELB Viacha District and IELB Lake District, 20 miles from La Paz. It is a semi-urban area, with many people coming from the countryside to live in the city. In normal times people make their lives with temporary jobs, working as masons, seamstresses, street vendors, informal commerce, drivers. Due the COVID-19 quarantine these tasks are paralyzed. As people cannot work, they cannot have the minimum necessary to feed, so the number of hungry people is growing. The critical situation is not about malnutrition or undernourishment is about hunger, affecting mostly women and children

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