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Katie Kline is now a called and ordained ELCA minister of Word and Service.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Katherine Christina Andert Kline is now a called and ordained minister of Word and Service in the church of Christ. On October 31st, 2020, she was ordained in Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Collins, CO. She has been called to serve as Education and Family Minister in Trinity.

Before being ordained, Katie Kline arrived in Colombia in August of 2014 as ELCA Global Mission Missionary to accompany the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Colombia. She has a Master of Arts, by Luther Seminary – MA Leadership and Innovation for Ministry and Other Non-Profits. Bachelor's Degree from Augustana College (SD). Bachelor's Degree by United States International University (Kenia)

Katie Kline accompanied five IELCO-Colombia programs, specifically focusing on strengthening leadership development and Lutheran identity.

Katie also taught English for the staff of the central office of IELCO and has accompanied Proyectandome a un Futuro, a World Hunger project funded by the ELCA.

Katie's missionary presence (and her husband Curtis) showed the IELCO a new form of how missionaries from the ELCA can work and relate.

They were not the older image of a missionary pastor's husband and wife, who did what the husband asked. They were two distinct professionals accompanying the IELCO in different areas of the church. This approach has challenged and changed much of the colonialist legacy of Colombia's missionary presence and in IELCO. The accompaniment relationship was a route of building mutual trust as equals and allowing themselves to be vulnerable people with the IELCO.

Katie and Curtis lived and worked in a different culture, sharing their lives in mission, motivated to serve accompanying the church in Colombia. They were ELCA Missionaries in accompaniment, "walking side by side." The companion church invited her to a reciprocal sharing of life with the host community in an attitude of humbleness, meeting each other authentically in the presence of Christ.

The hospitality of IELCO was a blessing. The church in Colombia gave hospitality generously and warmly, which was a blessing amid worries and risks. IELCO hospitality impacted changing Katie's perception of the world and understanding her God's call to service and ministry.

The ELCA Global Mission regional representative for South America, Gustavo Driau, preached the installation service's sermon. The text was in Matthew 5: 1-11

One part of the sermon stated:

In the beatitudes, Jesus teaches the commitment of the Kingdom of God with the situation of people where there are an affliction, poverty, and the need for peace.

Your calling, Katie, is to serve the afflicted, those who hunger and thirst for justice, those who need mercy, those who are persecuted for seeking equity; therefore, God calls you to the ministry of denunciation and of the announcement; action and teaching of the Kingdom project.

Now Katie is ordained as Deacon od ELCA

Deacon of the ELCA. This last responsibility of deacons, to empower and equip others, is a keystone for the emerging ministry of deacons of the ELCA. Whatever their particular role or context – whether deeply engaged in proclamation and service in non-ecclesial contexts or serving in congregational or other "church" settings – every deacon of the ELCA has a two-fold focus to serve the neighbor and to empower, equip and encourage the people of God for their daily baptismal vocation of service to the neighbor and care of creation. This ministry is understood to be distinct from, alongside, and in mutual complementarity with the ministries of pastors of the ELCA.

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