• Gustavo Driau

IELB-Bolivia- Diakonia serving women and children in Cochabamba.

Villa Belén is a human settlement in the high hills of Cochabamba, Bolivia. It is home to working families who have come from rural areas. The men are the main providers for the families, but many have died due to the pandemic.

Now, in Villa Belen, many families have no regular income; the women must seek revenue through informal sales of low-cost products in the city's central areas. Several children have lost one or two responsible adults.

In this context, the Bolivian Evangelical Lutheran Church - IELB - is implementing an emergency relief program (with LDR funds), contributing to the generation of livelihoods. The emergency relief program implements:

-Food assistance to needy mothers and orphans every three months.

-School support for one year so that they do not drop out of school.

-Alternatives for income recovery and strengthening women's resilience.

-Psychosocial support and spiritual accompaniment.

-Covid prevention, sanitation, hygiene, and water (WASH) training workshop.

We pray that God will provide energy and wisdom to the IELB diakonia team and the local community's leadership, Congregación El Redentor-Cochabamba. May God bless and keep them.

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