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Conscious Basket Campaign; FLD-Brazil

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Lutheran Foundation of Diaconia (FLD), Mission Council among Indigenous Peoples (COMIN), Center for Support and Promotion of Agroecology (CAPA) launched the Conscious Basket Campaign in Brazil.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated hunger and unemployment in Brazil. For this reason, we created the Conscious Food Basket program (Cesta Consciente)

The program supports thousands of Brazilian families. On the one hand, vulnerable families can count on healthy products to face the crisis. On the other, farming families who grow food from donated baskets. The campaign also strengthens solidarity economy enterprises, which produce hygiene and protection items against the coronavirus.

Since March, 2,300 families have already received the Conscious Basket.

However, thousands of people still need support in the coming months, the crisis is overwhelming.

The Conscious Basket Campaign has several donations modules:

45R$ Biodegradable masks, soaps and cleaning products produced by solidarity economy enterprises

100R $ Baskets with food from family and agroecological agriculture

145R $ Solidarity economy protection kit and basket for family and agroecological agriculture (Full Help)

The Gospel of the first Sunday of August 2020, relates the feeding of the 5,000 according to the Gospel of Matthew.

Jesus teaches his disciples that it is possible to provide solutions to the needs of the people if we commit our contribution and work to achieve it. This miracle shows that Jesus cares for people's physical needs. He does not focus solely on his spiritual health through his teaching. Jesus is also concerned that they are sick. He empathizes with those who are hungry.

Five loaves and two fish may be insufficient to feed many people, but they are enough to teach the miracle of sharing.

If we all give something of what we have, even if it seems little, there will be for everyone and in abundance.

The impact of the campaign:

2326 families benefited with Conscious Baskets and Protection and Cleaning Kits from the solidarity economy

60.2 tons of family farming food distributed to face the pandemic

276 farming families and the solidarity economy of 14 cooperatives involved in humanitarian aid

Donate the Conscious Basket and help two families with a single donation.

The funds raised promote food and health security for the most affected and vulnerable. The realization of this humanitarian aid campaign will impact the lives of thousands of families, relieving the daily affliction caused by hunger and making them more resilient in the face of social, environmental, and economic challenges aggravated by COVID-19.

The ELCA / LDR emergency aid fund has been one of the seeds of solidarity that generates solidarity in many other people. The aid received by FLD has multiplied in thousands of people who also participate in the campaign.

The solidarity of some generates empathy in others, and multiplies; solidarity is empathetic and contagious.

Solidarity and empathy produce the effective participation of a person in the reality that another person is living

Many people want to help but are sometimes not clear on how to do it. The Conscious Basket Campaign is a channel that builds trust through the support of FLD.

The pandemic weakens and exposes the lives of people and families of groups, peoples, and communities to FLD-COMIN-CAPA to many risks. Hunger and violence increased, and so did inequality and suffering. Donations are concrete acts that transform and save lives.

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