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Pastor German Loayza, elected presiding pastor in IELB

On last March 24, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bolivia celebrated the 2019 Ordinary Assembly.

Pastor German Loayza was elected as the presiding pastor of the IELB.

Pastor Vicente Chambi, who is a pastor in El Alto congregations, was elected vice president.

Miguel Gamboa, also from El Alto, was elected treasurer.

Daniel Cruz, of the congregation in Sorata, was elected as secretary of the Board.

Marie Eusebia Cachaca, from Cochabamba Congregation, was elected as Board member.

Pastor German Loayza and IELB new Board Members in conversationwith pastor Emilio Aslla (outgoing president)
IELB Presiding Pastor German Loayza

A six month transition period was initiated the day after the election, it will finish on October 31st

IELB has developed, in recent years, the ability to reach out with diaconal services and missionary initiatives to new regions of the country: suburban areas, rural communities, indigenous peoples, such as children, women and young people, who are part of the vulnerable population inside and outside the church.

The transition period to support the shift between the outgoing administration and the incoming administration in the IELB seeks to ensure the continuity of services, programs and diaconal and mission projects, so that they are not interrupted by deficiencies in the management and planning of the cycle of the projects that guarantee these services for the benefit of the neediest communities in our country.

In past decades the transitions between the outgoing and the incoming administrations have been drastic, traumatic and seriously damaging for the institution. This transition period reveals that the IELB has incorporated the lessons learned, and also that the new administration promotes the best management and administration practices to guarantee its continuity for the benefit of the IELB and its communities.

Maria Eusebia Cachaca, IELB board member elected on March 24, 2019
Pastor German Loayza  and other IELB Board Members.

Pastor Emilio Aslla, the departing president, has foreseen and secured all elements for a healthy and transparent transition, likewise the outgoing treasurer, Oscar Camargo.

During the transition period, Pastor Emilio Aslla will be in in charge of the project coordination, management and international cooperation.

Please continue your prayers for a healthy transition in IELB.

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