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  • Gustavo Driau

Strengthening Lutheran Schools in Bolivia

The pastor president of IELB, pastor Emilio Aslla, the secretary of Education of IELB, Francisco Quispe Chambi, and the director of the Lutheran School in El Alto, La Paz, visited from August 12 to 16 the educational work of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina and Uruguay. The visita embraced the purpose of strengthening the development and growing processes of the Lutheran Schools in IELB in La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Throughout Latin America, and in Bolivia as well, education is essential to achieve satisfactory living conditions according to the different needs and expectations of a society as heterogeneous and complex as Bolivia's.

Education in Bolivia is one of the issues of greatest concern for the governments and civil society and has a great importance on all aspects of political, economic and social life.

The Lutheran educational work in Argentina was started by the missionaries of the United Lutheran Church 100 years ago, today more than 10,000 students attend the Lutheran educational institutes daily, from initial level to higher education

Visiting the Lutheran School (IEA) in José C. Paz, Buenos Aires.

Visiting the Lutheran School (IEA) in Caseros, Buenos Aires

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