• Gustavo Driau

Assembly, in the church in Argentina and Uruguay

The United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina and Uruguay held its ordinary assembly on last April 28th and 29th. The assembly addressed issues of importance to the life and mission of the church, received reports and approved regular financial information, and elected new authorities, including Pastor Vice President Fabian Kreischer.

The Congregation "The Resurrection" in Rivera, Uruguay, was received with immense joy as a new member of the church.

Rev. Jaime Dubon, Latin America and The Caribbean director in ELCA/Global Mission, accompanied the assembly. Rev. Jaime Dubon praised the commitment of IELU facing the challenges in the today's social and cultural context. He emphasized that some activities developed by this small church have impacted and contributed to other churches in the region.

Rev. Gustavo Gomez Pascua, pastor president, installed the new Council members.

Installation of the recently elected IELU Council (Photo: IELU)

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