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Monitoring World Hunger Projects in Colombia

From March 12 to 19, 2018, ELCA regional representative in South America, Gustavo Driau and the Program Director for Health and Sustainable Development In ELCA/GM Katy Ajer visited for accompaniment and project monitoring the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Colombia.

During three days the diaconal projects of IELCO that have the support of World Hunger: Health Ministry- Asivida, Human Rights Ministry- Justicia y Vida, and Projecting My Future project were monitored. ELCA/GM personnel visited the two locations in which Projecting My Future Project is operating; in Barrio Caracolí (Misión Luz y Vida), and Barrio El Porvenir (Misión Lluvias de Gracia). The Presiding Bishop Atahualpa Hernández and the coordinator of the project coordinator Ana Mendivelso accompanied the visitors.

ELCA/GM personnel and IELCO Bishop Atahualpa and the project coordinator Ana Mendivelso in Lus de Vida Mission, Barrio Caracoli

ELCA/GM personnel also visited the Lutheran World Federation head office in Bogotá. LWF is actively working on monitoring post-conflict agreements in Colombia and also initiating humanitarian aid to Venezuelan migrants on the border with Colombia.

Visiting LWF-World Service head office in Bogota

On Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 was held the annual session of the IELCO National Council in Bucaramanga. A IELCO National Council session is very similar to an ordinary assembly, with the participation of delegates from all the congregations and delegates of the pastors of each region. The agenda contented institutional, administrative and missional topics. The ministry of Bishop Atahualpa Hernández was greeted and celebrated with widespread applause by all participants, as a sign of gratitude for the signs of restoration of IELCO after its institutional crisis from mid-2015 until the end of 2016.

Bishop Atahualpa Hernández opening Council Session in Bucaramanga, Marzo 17th, 2018

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