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Visiting IL-P, Peru

From February 19 to 26, 2018, I visited the Lutheran Church of Peru (ILP) with the purpose of accompanying the leadership of the church and monitoring the ILP projects that ELCA / Global Mission supports: the "Missionary Advancement" project and the "Organizational Support" project. Both plans encourage ILP to the integral growth of the church and the development of leadership, which are the two strategies in which the Latin America and Caribbean Program of ELCA Global Mission accompanies the ILP. The visits also constitute a space for dialogue with the leadership of ILP and an area where pastors are listened, encouraged and challenged.

On the 20th and 21st, we shared the visit with Bishop Michael Rinehart of the Texas Gulf Coast Synod, which the ILP's Companion Synod. In June 2018 a delegation of the Texas Gulf Coast Synod will visit Peru. They will stay with the congregations in Lima, will participate in a Children's Festival and finally will arrive to Cuzco. Fortunately, I could accompany the ILP and Bishop Mike in a large part of their dialogues.

On Sunday, February 25, I visited the Emanuel Congregation (Collique-Lima) to celebrate the Sunday worship of Word and Sacrament, Pastor Uta Ihrke lead the service. At the end of the celebration- a worship with the participation of many children- a group of women from the neighborhood met with Gelacina (a lay leader of the church) to organize the next start of the weaving workshop with two needles focused as a productive activity

I visited SEPEC Ecumenical Service of Pastoral and Communication Studies, an ELCA / Global Mission companion organization. SEPEC is the first months of a project that aims to train leaders and members of evangelical churches in the urban peripheries of Lima in disaster risk management and emergencies. The purpose is to develop capacities in churches to respond in the best way possible to natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, providing organizational support to their communities.

Finally, the visit also included a conversation with the director of LWR Peru. Eduardo Contreras talking about possible spaces for cooperation between LWR and other organizations in Peru.

Gustavo Driau

ELCA/Global Mission Regional Representative in South America

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