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Brazil. Espírito Santo a Belém Synod

On the December 2017 edition of The Sower (the Synod newsletter) Pastor Joaninho wrote:

To those who are thinking that the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation are over, everything that one has to show has been shown, and all that one had to speak was spoken, and all that one had to celebrate and celebrate was celebrated and celebrated; and nothing more will happen is misleaded! The Jubilee of the 500 years began on October 31 of this year and goes until October 31, 2018. From there the other 500 begin!

After the celebrations of October, the Lutheran church became a little better known; this further increases our responsibility. Right now we must show that Lutheran theology professes that salvation comes by faith and grace and mercy of God, and inspired by the commandment of love for one's neighbor and by a commitment to care for all creation. The Church announces that the people, creatures, nature and the environment in which we live must be cared for and preserved.

Right now we have to profess that justification by grace and faith calls us to self-emptying and divestment in favor of the other person. The way of being of the Lutheran faith is the education of children for their autonomy; is the valorization of women for their protagonism; is the reception of young people so that they have their space in the community; it is the care of elderly and sick people for a better quality of life.

In this issue, you will learn a little more about everything what has happened in our Synod in recent months, especially about the commemoration. You will also find messages and reflections on Christmas, the chronicle on the couple Carlos and Emilia, and the posthumous home-nodes on Diana Coseti Port and Pastor Norberto Berger, who were part of the history of our Synod.

The Commemoration of the 500 years of the Reformation has not yet ended. We're just at the beginning. We will continue to exercise as a church of more attractive, welcoming and inclusive communities.

I wish you a good reading to all and a blessed time of Advent and Christmas!

Pastor Sinodal Joaninho Borchardt

Vitoria / ES


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