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  • Gustavo Driau

Lutheran Church in Peru

After the tragic floods in March 2017, the Lutheran Church of Peru (IL-P) decided to play a role in the recovery phase of the emergency, after a call from Global Mission Area Desk Director, in March 2017.

The response had two stages: Phase I. Following the catastrophe, in the last weeks of March and the first weeks of April 2017, IL-P organized communities and groups provided immediate relief spontaneously, by delivering, clothing, footwear, and non-perishable food by the limited economic possibilities and resources of IL-P members.

Phase II: In a more organized and strategic way, in the year of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, the emergency response was extended Trujillo, Chiclayo, and Piura. Pastor President of IL-P Rev. Pedro Bullon visited the affected communities several times to accompany them, praying, giving consolation and empathy; and encouraging affected families to be an active part of the recovery phase.

IL-P Council decided to work jointly with all the churches of Lutheran identity, regardless of the different traditions or origin. In 2017 Lutheran Global communion commemorated the 500 anniversary of the Reformation. IL-P's understood that the best way to do it was to rebuild flood damages in neediest families, jointly with other churches.

The decision to share resources with other congregations was the first a step in the process of transformation. A long chain of solidarity and sharing of resources start at that moment,

The emergency assistance delivered construction materials such as adobes, roofing sheets, battens, Portland cement, sand, gravel, stone, and other supplies nails and wires while affected families worked in the self-repair of their homes. Emergency Response project, funded by ELCA/Global Mission, provided the aid. The goal was: to relieve the situation of extreme housing needs of vulnerable individuals and families in the three localities mentioned: Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo, giving preference to self-reconstruction by delivering materials with the mediation of the local faith communities.

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