• Gustavo Driau

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile

The IELCH originated in 1860 with the emigration of German Lutherans to the south of the country. During 1960s, IELCH began working in Spanish with missionary support from the Lutheran Church in America, focusing on contextual challenges. During the 1970s, the IELCH began to work among marginalized and socio-economically oppressed populations. In 1975, due to the participation of Bishop Helmut Frenz, pastors and lay members in the defense of the rights of persons persecuted by the military government, the German-speaking congregations, except the Congregation of Conception, dissociated themselves from the IELCH forming the Lutheran Church in Chile.

IELCH has 12 congregations and communities dedicating their ministry to poor populations. The IELCH has specific institutional pastoral guidelines in education and diakonia and carries out its missionary work through the ministry of youth, ministry of women. Since 1981 ILCH and IELCH work together on the Council of the Lutheran Church in Chile exploring ways to live their communion

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