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  • Gustavo Driau

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is a beautiful and amazing city with overlapped realities, the intersection and differences among social groups can be seen in popular perception and in deep studies also; anyway there is a clear correlation between class and ethnicity status and education levels, income, and employment. In this context the IELB Bolivian Evangelical Lutheran Bolivia develops her mission.

The city of El Alto has a population of more than 1,000,000 inhabitants, of whom 80% are migrants, from countri side, towns and smaller cities.. Poverty and low economic resources directly hit the most humble family members such as women, young people and children. There the IELB project Mi Esperanza Children's Center , wuth World Hunger support, is an alternative for working mothers and their children who live in the popular area of Rio Seco, who live in very low economic resources and with a low level of quality of life. These mothers, for the most part, are street vendors and / or domestic workers and student mothers. As a consequence they have to leave their children, in many cases alone, either in the care of an older brother or taking them to work, which is the street, thus exposing them to multiple risks. The project seeks to alleviate this problem through the creation of the kindergarten with a capacity to serve 30 children during the working day, offering them adequate food, preschool education, child stimulation, health care and protection against neglect and / or mistreatment, and, on the other hand, the creation of a Mothers Center that will allow them to be trained in the care of their children and their participation in the self sustainability of the kindergarten

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