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I'm Gustavo Driau, ELCA Global Mission regional representative for Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, since December 2016.

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Accompanying in Mission

Acompañando en Misión

ELCA Global Mission

Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru

Representante Regional

Regional Representative

“The concept of accompaniment introduced at the 1995 consultations emerged as the hermeneutical key and methodological tool for our engagement in mission. Accompaniment is walking together in solidarity which is characterized by mutuality and interdependence. The basis for this accompaniment, what the New Testament calls koinonia, is found in the God-human relationship in which God accompanies us in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Accompaniment pushes mission into a relational mode”; in "Accompaniment as an Alternative Model for the Practice of Mission" by Rafael Malpica Padilla, 2008

“El concepto de acompañamiento introducido en las consultas sobre misión global en de 1995 emergió como llave hermenéutica y herramienta metodológica para nuestro compromiso en la misión. Acompañamiento es el caminar juntos en solidaridad, lo cual es caracterizado por mutualidad e interdependencia. La base para este acompañamiento, lo que el Nuevo Testamento llama koinonía, está fundamentado en la relación entre Dios y los seres humanos, en que Dios nos acompaña a nosotros en Jesucristo a través del poder del Espíritu Santo. Acompañamiento lleva los vínculos a una modalidad relacional”; en “Acompañamiento como un Modelo Alternativa para la Práctica de la Misión”, por Rafael Malpica Padilla, 2008

May 15, 2019

On Friday 26 and Saturday, April 27, 2019 the Congregation "The Good Samaritan" of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile - IELCH, celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The main celebration was the worship on Saturday the 27th at night, celebrated by the local Rev. Izani Bruch and IELCH Bishop Rev. Oscar Sanhueza

The musical group of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Magallanes (IELMA) presented on Friday 27 a concert of classical music and also participated in the liturgy on Saturday 27

Pastor Stefan Schaller and Mrs. Hildegard Maldonado,...

May 13, 2019

The Lutheran School in El Alto, La Paz; Bolivia celebrated its 28th anniversary on May 2. The Lutheran School was created by the Bolivian Evangelical Lutheran Church on May 2nd, 1991.

Education by Lutheran churches has a long tradition in Latin America.

In 1920 the first Lutheran school in South America was inaugurated. Many years later, in 1991, was instituted the Lutheran School, in La Paz, Bolivia

The contribution of Protestantism and Lutheranism in education has been and is relevant in promoting principles such as the obligation of governm...

May 7, 2019

Rebecca Duerst, director of Diakonia (International Development and Disaster Response) visited the partner organizations of ELCA / Global Mission in Brazil on April 1- 4, 2019

The ELCA / Global Mission partner organizations in Brazil are:  The Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession (IECLB), the Lutheran Diakonia Foundation (FLD), the EST Faculties and the Sustainability Institute (InS)

The purpose of the visit was to develop deeper relationships with key leaders in these organizations and to develop the understanding of the World Hunger pr...

May 6, 2019

On last March 24,  the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bolivia celebrated the 2019 Ordinary Assembly.

Pastor German Loayza was elected as the presiding pastor of the IELB.

Pastor Vicente Chambi, who is a pastor in El Alto congregations, was elected vice president.

Miguel Gamboa, also from El Alto, was elected treasurer.

Daniel Cruz, of the congregation in Sorata, was elected as secretary of the Board.

Marie Eusebia Cachaca, from Cochabamba Congregation, was elected as Board member.

A six month transition period was initiated the day after the elec...

March 18, 2019

On February 8 and 9, 2019 the executive director of Global Mission, Rev. Rafael Malpica Padilla, visited the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bolivia, in La Paz.
At 4,200 meters high and on foot of Mount Illimani, the director of Global Mission led a seminar on " Church Leadership  and Lutheran Identity", for  IELB´s leaders in congregations, districts and the national office.

Rev. Malpica returned to Bolivia after many years of not being able to visit the Bolivian church, and was received with warm hospitality by IELB Pastor Rev. Em...

March 12, 2019

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Lutheran Confession in Brazil (IECLB) is an ELCA companion church in South America.

IECLB Presidency, Pastor Sílvia Genz, invited Rev. Rafael Malpica Padilla, Executive Director of the Global Mission Unit, to lead a capacity development seminar in “Church Leadership and Episcopal Ministry in Lutheran perspective” on February 18-19,  2019, in Porto Alegre / RS.

The seminar was organized by the IECLB´s Presidency and the IECLB´s secretariat to offer resources for Synodal Pastors (bishops) of the eighteen...

March 8, 2019

Historians point to the presence of the first Protestants in Brazil from 1555, with the French invasions. In the seventeenth century, they returned with the Dutch, but none of these two came to any significant marks. Colonial Brazil, from the religious point of view as essentially Catholic, although the forms of indigenous religiosity and African religions with the slaves was (and it is) strong and penetrating.

Lutherans arrived, as German immigrants, after 1824. Even they are the largest group of Lutherans in Latin America, they have always...

February 24, 2019

Katharina von Bora was an empowered, strong, determined, daring woman of the Lutheran Reformation. She broke with the feminine standards of her time, breaking paradigms. This active way of being a woman is invisible in the history of the church. The Reformation would not have happened without the presence, witness, and active participation of women.

On 2017, Faculdades EST (in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil) and its Gender and Religion Program created a Memorial to Women in the Reformation, Yesterday and Today.  They worked on resource mobilization, w...

January 28, 2019

Companions Churches accommodate, accompany and integrate Venezuelan migrants and refugees, ELCA/GM accompanies and supports the churches.

The Context

Throughout many decades, according to economic fluctuations of the region, has been migration since certain South American countries to others, regional fluxes and refluxes, cyclical and reciprocal. In 1960´s migrants came to Venezuela from different parts of the world attracted by democratic stability and oil prosperity; In the 1970s Colombian, Argentine, Chilean and Uruguayan citizens migrated...

September 15, 2018

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bolivia, as an integral part of the Lutheran world communion, in this year 2018, commemorates its 80th anniversary of action and presence in ministry and missionary work.

On Sunday, September 9th, IELB worshiped giving thanks for their ministry over the last 80 years as a church in Bolivia.  The celebration started on Friday 7th with lecturers y seminars held in the Bolivian Biblical Society. On Saturday 8th was organized in the central area of La Paz, plaza Alonso de Mendoza, a public exhibition of the act...

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